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Born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina, Liz Nolan knew she was destined to shine beyond the cotton fields of the South. She left Greenville at 17 years old without a plan but with a strong vision, a vision that would later spread to Europe. When Nolan arrived to Washington D.C she had her mind set on becoming the secretary to the President of the United States, however, due to financial issues she settled on beauty school instead. Nolan graduated from Madam CJ Walker Beauty School and began working at a one chair beauty parlor. In 1967, the owner of the parlor talked Nolan into buying the building located on the corner of Georgia and Jefferson street in Northwest Washington.

Natural Motion began with Nolan and one shampoo assistant. It later expanded to ten salons across the country and two beauty schools. Nolan has received numerous accolades and awards, however the most memorable was in 1983 when she received the business woman of the year award. President Ronald Reagan flew a flag over Washington DC in her honor. In the early 70‘s, Nolan served as Vice President on the District of Columbia Board of Cosmetology. She served on the board for close to ten years. In the late 70’s, Nolan was voted one of the top ten hair colorist in the United States. In 1983, Nolan opened “Scanners Beauty Academy,” which taught thousands of underprivileged students of the years. She combined what she learned at Madam CJ, along with what she learned while she studied abroad in Europe.  She focused on business, hair design and self esteem and self confidence. Many of her students branched out and opened their own salons that are still running to this date.

Nolan has helped so many people in the beauty industry and she has supported and invested her time, heart and strength into her businesses and staff.


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